In a developing country such as Bangladesh, planned construction industry growth such as Flyover construction is a prerequisite for achieving the overall National Development objective, particularly both approach of Flyovers, underpass, overpass, railway overpass, bridges and culverts, housing infrastructure, etc. With this goal in mind, in the year 2020, the organization was founded as a limited company by Brig Gen Engr. Md Sharafat Hossain, (Retd) ndc, psc, PEng. from March 2020, it began its operations almost from scratch, achieving fast and steady growth from the start under the youthful exuberance and charismatic leadership of its Chairman and its Managing Director, in particular with the capacity to assistance and concentrated efforts of its Adviser, CEO, Engineers, Technicians and employees in general and the company is now in the forefront of Construction of National Development Project of Bangladesh within a Year.

Presently the Company is executing some prestigious projects of RE Wall (AnchorSOL Brand) like Jatrabari – Demra 04 Lane Expressway Road Projects Under RHD, Purbachal Link Road Projects Under 24 Engineers Construction Brigade, Bangladesh Army, RE Wall Construction For SASEC Road Connectivity Project – I Under RHD, AnchorSOL RE Wall Construction For Keranirhat – Bandarban Projects for National Highway (N – 108) Project at Chittagongs Belt Under 20 ECB, Bangladesh Army, RE Wall (AnchorSOL System) Projects for Purbachal New Town Development Project Under RAJUK, RE Wall (AnchorSOL System) Project for the Construction of Madani Avenue to Balu River (Major Road 5) and Balu River 2 Shitolokhya (Major Road 5a) Road Project Under 24 ECB, Bangladesh Army, Construction of RE Wall for the Bridge Approach on Sreenadi – Kabirpur Road at Rajoir, Madaripur Under LGED, RE Wall (AnchorSOL System) Construction Projects at Different Package for SASEC Road Connectivity Project II Under RHD..

The Company is able to successfully conduct any construction projects of international quality with a sound engineering history, adequate experience and knowledge of its staff by strictly observing construction ethics and obligations.

The company’s corporate policy is to represent the nation in its humble domain and to collaborate around the world with like-minded enterprises. The business values the promotion and promotion of the new construction industry, catering needs of the moment, technology- oriented.

Our Field of Expertise

  • We do Reinforced Earth(RE) Wall/Mechanically Stabilized Earth(MSE) Wall of AnchorSOL Wall System.
  • We do all type of protection work by using Woven/Non-woven Geotextile.
  • We do sub-soil improvement work and Embankment Construction work.
  • We are able to do all type of civil engineering work.

Our Capacity

1. Manpower:

  • We have number of experienced senior engineer in the particular RE Wall technology and for other Geo-technical Solution.
  • In addition of that we have number of experienced field  engineers, supervisors and supporting skilled working forces including  office staffs.
  • Our Principle Dr. Yip Lai Poon is a renowned Geo-technical Engineer having vast experience in design and project implementation.

2. Equipment:

  • Truck Mounted Body Crane- 20 Nos.
  • Excavator- 10 No.
  • Payloader- 7 No.
  • Soil Compactor- 7 No.
  • Mini Roller- 8 Nos.
  • Plate Compactor- 6 Nos.
  • Mixture Machine- 4 Nos.
  • Mini Dump Truck- 8 Nos.
  • Tractor- 8 Nos
  • Generator- 6 Nos
  • We have special imported Molud: 150 NOS. (Octagonal and Hexagonal Shape) .

 Depending on volume of works/numbers of projects we have arrangements of    hiring/outsourcing any number of equipments as required.