Geotextile and Geo-bag which are now considered as a prime and most essential construction material in Bangladesh. Because the country like Bangladesh is highly populated and land scarcity, we require to protect our land for living industry and infrastructure etc. Moreover, Bangladesh is country of river and there are thousands of rivers run through different part of Bangladesh and apart from this we have a long coastal belt. Our land formation and climatic changes make Bangladesh is the most vulnerable country and where every year flood hits in different parts causes huge erosion of valuable land. Finally, people becoming landless/homeless and other infrastructures are being damaged and communication is disrupted, finally huge national loss.

In the above light our land should be protected and for the protection work Geo-textile and Geo-bag is being considered as a prime and essential construction material considering its application usefulness availability, durability and finally cost effectiveness compare to another alternative like CC block, boulder etc.

Geo-bag and Geo textile basically a synthetic material which is friendly to environment and which can be produced throughout the whole year and can be delivered any places quickly and filling by local available sand which is available at almost all river bank and chipper. We have not enough Boulder and Stone Chips to do the block and also very costly and alternative of block sand filled Geo-bag can be easily used effectively and almost through whole year it can be used without any break of construction line.

At present situation 3 manufacturers are producing Geotextile and Geo-bag. there is ample demand which is increasing every year by a large percentage. Against the demand total capacity of the existing manufacturing company are not sufficient and with the increasing of the construction the demand will be more and the market size will be more. So, to meet up the additional requirement more manufacturers will have to be engaged and it is clear that in the coming years the use of Geo-textile/Geo-bag will be significantly increased and to meet up the demand it may require to import Geo-textile/Geo-bag which means a large quantity of foreign currency will be saved if more manufacturer come up.

Now a days our RHD, Railway, BWDB, LGED, BITA, BEZA department and large number of private companies are using Geo-bag & Geo-textile for the land protection and to save valuable land using Geo-textile.

Bangladesh Geo-fabric Ltd. started business having its extensive experience in geotechnical engineering and provides specialized geotechnical engineering solutions. BGL always provide a one-stop solution including engineering design, material supply and execution.

The range of services of BGL are as follows:

  • Soft soil stabilization
  • Embankment construction
  • Vertical wall with geosynthetics
  • Supply and installation of PVD and Woven Geo-textile and Woven Geo-tube.
  • Riverbank and coastal erosion protection
  • Slope protection
  • BGL is also the distributor of high strength/ reinforced geotextiles, woven Geo-tubes, Geogrids and Geo membranes.