Bangladesh is now entered as a developing country, where a lot of infrastructures is being constructed. Planned construction industry growth such as Express highway, MRT, BRTA, Elevated Express Way, Flyover construction, Subway construction, Reclamation of land in coastal belt zone by using woven Geo-tube and also River bank protection work by geo-technical solution is a prerequisite for achieving the overall National Development objective. With this goal in mind, by the leadership of Brig. Gen. (Rtd.) Engr. Md Sharafat Hossain, BUET, ndc, psc, PEng in the year 2018, MECA Engineering & Consultants Limited was reformed (though it was established in 2002) as a limited company incorporating some experienced engineers in the Board. After reforming, it began achieving fast and steady growth and already completed some important project in MES, Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and in other departments. The Company is able to conduct any construction projects of international quality specially in Geo-technical Engineering filed, special civil engineering work as we have our vast and long experience in this field. The company’s corporate policy is to represent the nation in its humble domain and to collaborate around the world with like-minded enterprises. The business values the promotion and promotion of the new construction industry, catering needs of the moment, technology- oriented.


Our objective is to adopt and construct special and modern technology specially in Geo-technical engineering field, special civil engineering work, doing also consultancy in this filed and also to complete quality work of any type of construction projects, complying with the respected client’s requirement with maximum efficiency in minimum time and expenditure through planned and organized use of men, materials, equipment and financial resources. In the field of Civil, RE/MSE wall, Sanitary & plumbing, Electro-Mechanical works, including HVAC, Fire detection & fighting, Lifts etc. associated with building construction, Functional structures, Bridges, Culverts, Flyovers, etc., to achieve consistently high standards and quality of work. To maintain excellent working relations with its employees, clients, consultants, contractors, suppliers and financial institutions, and joint venture partners. Our target is to incorporate some foreign construction companies and carrying out large-scale construction projects by forming a joint venture with them with the aim of sharing each partner’s construction technology and know-how for the betterment of all partners.

Our Field of Expertise

• We do Geo-technical Engineering Construction and consultancy work like PVD supply and installation, Coastal and River bank Protection works by using Geo-tube, Geo-bag and Tide Wall etc.

• We do supply Woven Geotextile, Non-woven Geotextile and Geo-grid.

• We do sub-soil improvement work and Embankment Construction work.

• We are able to do all type of civil engineering work.


• We have number of experienced senior engineer particularly in Geo-technical Engineering Field and other construction works.

• In addition of that we have number of experienced field engineers, supervisors and supporting skilled working forces including office staffs.


• Crane- 2 Nos.

• Excavator- 2 Nos.

• Payloader- 2 Nos.

• Soil Compactor- 2 No.

• Mini Roller- 3 Nos.

• Plate Compactor- 4 Nos.

• Mixture Machine- 2 Nos.

• Mini Dump Truck- 5 Nos.

• Tractor- 4 Nos

• Generator- 2 Nos.

Depending on volume of works/numbers of projects we have arrangements of hiring/outsourcing any number of equipments as required.